can i connect umbrel in raspberry pi 400 with windows bitcoin core for the blockchain in same network?

Can anyone tell me is it possible for umbrel to query my windows 10 pc which has bitcoin core installed in the same internal network using managed switch?

Yes, if you want to sync faster your Umbrel from that already synced node, you can do it.

In your new node, use the following command to connect to existing running node and sync the blockchain data directly, on the fly.
Enter SSH into your new Umbrel node, then:
cd umbrel
sudo docker exec bitcoin bitcoin-cli addnode "192.168.x.x:8333" "onetry"
replace “192.168.x.x” with your existing running node IP.
This will make your new node to sync directly from your old running node, without need to be connected to internet, if you have a slow connection or Tor is making problems.
Once is finished, you can remove the IP from peers and go back to normal connection.
More details here

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