BIP 157 - Connecting Umbrel to Breez, Blixt

Hello fellow bitizens,

Hope you are all well! Just looking for some assistance in using our Umbrel for wallets such as Breez or Blixt that use BIP 157 for nodes. What would the format look like and would it be able to run with Tor as Umbrel needs?

Thanks again!

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I second this - hosting the Breez server for your friends/family/company/affiliates would really make the flows in the network more distributed.

Umbrel by default have in bitcoin.conf file the SPV filters activated
So in Blixt you only have to connect through Tor to your node onion address
The onion address for BIP157 P2P endpoint, is NOT your regular Umbrel onion address!
You go to Connect wallet - Wasabi for example and there you have the onion address for your SPV server (BIP157).
Copy without port 8333 and put it into your Blixt wallet settings. Before that activate Tor connection.

Update: for the time being, through Tor is not supported, due to incomatibility of LND with v3 onion

But just tested through the LAN, just used node local IP:8333 and worked.