Big Questions about the Nostr Relay Umbrel App

The Nostr Umbrel App is a fantastic idea, but it brings up a few questions that would be great to clear up before running the relay.

It seems like the app gives you a local address with port number and your Umbrel relay will backup when you are on your local network. (I connect over Tor, so my address is a Tor address with empty port settings). A few security/privacy questions:

ws://umbrel.local:4848 is the address in the promo video

  1. Is that local address the same across all umbrels?

  2. If a friend comes over who is also backing up to their umbrel what will stop their info from backing up to my relay when at the house?

  3. Is there a setting to specify which public keys I’d like backed up?

ws:// is not encrypted as far as I understand it. Would love to see wss:// for encrypted connection. Certificate issues, I know. With that said:

  1. Can this work over TOR with Damus?

That would solve the encryption issue I think and forgo the need to be on the local network to sync.

Anyone that adds the relay though would be able to write to it, unless there were a way to specify which public keys can write.

Love to see the quick action adding the relay, just want to get those things cleared up. If with a lot more knowledge than I have can help out, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!