Best way to bulk check Wallet balance?

Hi there,

Im trying to check a list with about 10,000 public key entries for balance and transactions.
What would be the easiest/best way to go about this using the umbrel node?
Has someone already done this using the umbrel node?

Thank you!

Multiple good ways to go about this, depends on the context.

If this for scanning addresses associated with an AEZEED seed phrase (most commonly used with lightning wallets), you can simply download LND from the app-store, input your seed phrase and it will do this for you.

Otherwise, Sparrow is a great tool for this. You can add your Umbrel node to Sparrow, and then Sparrow will use it to scan the chain. This is a little bit more technical and involved though, in your case you will need the seed phrase and derivation-path/xpub, then you can control how many addresses to scan.

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But where is this guide? I keep getting the “connect to electrum” guide. I have done that. Now I want to view the balance in the wallet.

What are the darn words to google! lol

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It looks like I need Blue wallet?