Where did the Wallet Go?

Total newb here. Haven’t used the Node in a while, just quietly running, I recently went to check the balance.

Turns out I can’t even find out where to find the balance. Maybe because it’s zero? Maybe because the furniture was moved around a lot since the last update? I am running Umbrel 0.5.3

Attached is a screenshot. Is there another place for the wallet? I don’t even see a send address or QR code?

I tried checking other places, settings, etc, can’t even find the seed phrase? (luckily I wrote that down ages ago).

Once again I am probably missing some drop down box but I just have no idea.

Looks the same on my phone and desktop for what it’s worth.


Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 12.54.07 PM|690x453

Still struggling with this one, where did the wallet balance go? Is that still a feature with this software?

You’ll find it in the Lightning Node rather than in the Bitcoin Node.

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Thank you Zappa!

I feel silly for not seeing this though it is entirely confusing to put the on-chain wallet in the Lighting Wallet.

Either way, hopefully this will leave some crumbs for the next person that has trouble finding where their wallet went after the update.