Moving from Pi to Ubuntu NUC - is my plan sound?

I want to migrate Umbrel with all data and state to my NUC.

I installed Umbrel in Ubuntu. I have a fresh installation at ~/umbrel that is fully functional at the start screen (this demonstrates that I have the necessary requirements to run the specific version of docker-compose).

Comparing this to my existing Pi installation, I believe I can shut down Umbrel, move the ~/umbrel directory elsewhere as a backup, mount the Pi’s USB drive to ~/umbrel, run ~/umbrel/scripts/start and all will be well.

I could probably also mount the drive somewhere else, like /mnt/umbrel and do the same (scripts/start).

Does this sound like it will work?

I tried this. Umbrel started, bitcoind started, lnd did not.

did you ever figure this out?

I think it’s fair to say I didn’t.

I did a fresh install after copying blockchain to the right location. It still took days to validate so I’m not sure that was very helpful. I then attempted to migrate channels, but they failed to come back on (I now realise that I didn’t have tor set up correctly, as this doesn’t work out of the box).

By the time I restored back to the pi, a few partner channels had forced closed on me.

2/5 will try again one day.