Q: Can I use a server instead of a SSD for saving the Blockchain etc.?

I wanted to make a node out of my raspberry pi 4B and before ordering a 1TB SSD I wanted to find out If I can use my server instead of a new SSD.
If someone already asked about this topic or if anyone has already explained how to use a server please leave a comment/reply.

So here’s my question:
Can I use a server instead of a SSD/HDD?

Thank you for considering my question.
Im looking forward to hearing from you.

Yes, I imagine that may give lots of fun for you developing it. :nerd_face:
But i would just install all Umbrel in the server, as I´m not a coder… :sunglasses:

Yes, you can use it without any problem.
Umbrel is more used with RPis because people want something cheap, small and cute.
But in the end many will have more troubles with those toys.

I run 2 nodes: an umbrel in a NUC/barebone and a CLN on a workstation pro machine).

If you go for an old Dell server for example, if is OK for you with the electrical consume and noise, is up to you. But keep in mind key aspects:

  • you would need at least 8GB RAM (better ECC) for running in good conditions a LN node with more than 100 channels. Why not 16GB if is already a server?
  • you would need at least 1TB drive. If doesn’t bother you to wait 1 week to sync, you can use HDD, but at least use 7200rpm and in RAID 1 (2 disks) or 5 (3 disks). If is a serious server why not RAID for better reliability? You can use also, if you want OS separately, a small drive like 250GB for OS and the RAID 1 TB for the node. Yes, with HDDs the initial sync will be slow, so be patient, but once is done, is not so important. If you have good disks, redundant, you are good.
  • use Debian OS (not Ubuntu), is much stable, faster, better control of disks more compatibility with node software.
  • CPU doesn’t really matter, but a quad core will be better
  • install Debian OS. Set a local static IP for that machine. Not on the router, in Debian settings. Give it also a nice name for your node. Like node :slight_smile: Later when you install Umbrel will be accessible through that IP or node.local (from your LAN). Do all the updates for the OS and most important the docker.
  • follow the instructions from Umbrel to install for desktop OS. Are very simple and just 3-4 steps. Once you install the Debian OS, and you have a separate disk for the node, create the umbrel folder in that disk and run the installation script from that umbrel folder. If you use only 1 drive partition (or RAID), just create the umbrel folder and run the installation scripts from there.

Done, you will see that in 5 min you have all installed.
Now is show time, wait for blockchain to sync.
Go to any PC in the LAN and type in the browser: node IP you set and hit enter. Or use node.local.
Create your user/wallet/seed and login to Umbrel dashboard. Done.
Now you will look how will sync for about 1 week.
Meanwhile READ. Please read. It is very important to read LN documentation.
Start with:

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