Best mobile wallet to go from: Exchange > Mobile wallet > Coldcard through Specter

Hello all,

I’m still relatively new to bitcoin and definitely new to Umbrel/running my own node. What I want to do is withdraw from my exchange to a mobile wallet, then send my bitcoin from the mobile wallet to my Coldcard through the Specter app on my Umbrel.

When looking in the guides for wallets and new Umbrel users, I noticed that most of the wallets require you to use Electrum to connect the wallet to your node. I don’t really want to setup Electrum as I’m already using Specter (and so far I’m not using Lightning) so are there any wallets that I can connect to my node without going through Electrum?

I appreciate any help provided.

May I ask why you have mobile wallet in the middle? Why not go straight from exchange to your Cold Card wallet?