Transfer from BTC wallet to Lightning wallet?

I have sats in my Umbrel BTC wallet. Can I transfer to the Lightning wallet using Umbrel?

Do you know the concepts of Lightning Network?
Umbrel has a BTC wallet together with a lightning channels manager also called “lightning wallet”. This “wallet” can open lightning channels to send to someone else the sats you have in the BTC wallet.
A “lightning wallet” don’t own a balance, only manages funds of a BTC wallet, it is always annex of a BTC wallet. It manages to send, receive or to rout others sats through your lightning channels.
To send sats, you must open a channel to another “lightning wallet”. Your “lightning wallet” takes these sats automatically from your BTC wallet.
To receive sats, somebody else has to open a channel to your manager, using their sats.
When a lightning channel is closed, the sats balance in it will return to the BTC wallet used to open the channel.
You will pay BTC network transaction fees when you open a lightning channel and when it is closed, it’s not free. Never open too low sats channels, remember you have these fees to pay.
To rout transfers of others by your channels, your lightning wallet may demand or not fees, you can config it.


Hi LoboGuara,

Thanks for your reply. I was under the impression that the ‘Lightning Wallet’ section of Umbrel could act as a simple send/receive Lightning wallet. Are you saying that it only works if I have a channel open?
I’m not too worried for now about opening a channel and was just hoping to use Umbrel as a Lightning wallet.
There is a green ‘Receive’ button on the Lightning wallet area that generates an invoice, can I not just send sats there from another wallet (e.g. Muun wallet)?


If you don’t have opened channels, you really don’t have a “lighning wallet”, as the channels are the main part of a “lightning wallet”. Open channels to whom you will do payments.
After you do some payments in a channel, you’ll have space to receive payments in it.
When you do payments in two or more channels, you may also rout payment of others through your channels, meaning this you may receive a payment in one channel and right after do a payment in another channel, not changing your wallet balance.