Backup Photoprism and other apps

I’m considering using Photoprism but wondering how can I backup my photo library? I don’t want my SSD to be my single point of failure. This also goes for other non-bitcoin apps - how to backup in the event the SSD dies?

If you are worried about that, you should consider a setup using a RAID configuration, that uses 2+ disks and the data is stored simultaneously on both. But on RPi devices will not be possible that scenario. You will need to use a standard PC with 2 (RAID 0) or 3+ (RAID 5) disks and using Debian OS + Umbrel.

Optional, if you use RPi, you can just make periodic clones of your SSD into a separate spare disk.
I recommend to use Acronis Image cloning (here you have an iso file for a bootable disk Acronis.

Or a way to make rsync between 2 drives or use rsync to a NAS device in your LAN. Qnap/Synology have great solutions for backing up data.

Hi there,

Same concern here … (config with umbrel on RPi + Photoprism)
Did some improvment occur since then ?