Two PhotoPrism items

Item 1:

Has anyone figured out a good way to backup photoprism? I was thinking of maybe using Syncthing to sync the photos back to my pc for redundancy, but not sure what the file path would be or if it would work.

Item 2:

There is a photoprism upload app for iOS that syncs photos as you take them, I have my phone connected over tailscale hoping that would allow me to setup to login, but it does not. I think it may be because the umbrel wants you to login before you login to photoprism…

If anyone has ideas please share. thanks

Sync Used to works great by same network or tailgate but it stopped a few weeks ago

I have the same question. With 10k photos in my PhotoPrism, what if something happens to this SSD? I’ve been thinking to just periodically download zip files but would love if PhotoPrism had a feature to back up the full thing to a separate drive.