Backup of Kollider and Lightning wallet

Hello all,

I used a recent backup of my Umbrel Lightning (LND) node and it looks like my channels were closed and the funds recovered on chain.

BUT I have doubts regarding the long position I had on Kollider…

I say I have doubts, because it’s difficult to grab information about the Lightning transactions that occured.

I would like to know if Kollider funds are backed up by the same backup created with the Umbrel Lightning app. The “Clear All App Data - Auto withdraw 100+ SATS with Umbrel” does not seem to activate anything. Maybe it takes time and there is no graphical interface showing what’s happening? Also, I would appreciate any ideas regarding tools I could use to investigate the matter.

Thank you :heart:

Hi! Kollider Team here.

Channel closure doesn’t affect your position. It sill exists and you should be able to see it on the GUI. If the auto withdrawal feature doesn’t work, that means that there is probably not enough inbound capacity between your node and Kollider. So the first thing you should try to check whether there is enough inbound. If that doesn’t work then you should be able to click go pro which will send you to the pro interface. This is not hosted by your node but it allows you to have more control over your account and possible send your sats to a different wallet.

Let me know whether you’re able to figure it out. If not, message us on Telegram and we can look into this in more detail. Telegram: Contact @kolliderhq

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Thank you.

First of all I had to make Umbrel accessible through umbrel.local, then I opened a channel with LNBiG to get inbound liquidity, it didn’t work but thanks to your support I got the BTC on chain.

So for those who wonder, the Kollider app data is indeed backed up by the Umbrel Lightning Wallet backup.