Restoring LN Node, channels, on-chain wallet

Hi guys,

My node crashed in a storm a month and a half ago and no longer works. When it crashed, my last channels.backup i had saved was 3 months old and it wasn’t up to date with all the channels I had opened at the time. I have since asked people on LN+ to close channels with me and many have. I still have a few channels open however and a couple of those were open when I saved that last channels.backup file.

I have to decide to fire up umbrel again and restore my LN node again with my seed words. My question is should I try to recover my channels by uploading my channels.backup file or will it mess something up because they are so out of date, being like 5 months old now? I’m mostly trying to just wait for the last few people to close their channels with me and then move my on-chain funds to a new wallet.


Sorry to hear that. It may be worth double-checking with the LND docs, but I believe as long as you can find a back-up that reflects your channel’s state close to when it went down that would be a good option.

Fortunately, Umbrel also has an automatic back-up service built into the lightning app. Once you’re able to get it running again, and enter your original LND seed phrase, the app should automatically populate with back-ups. If you can find one within a couple days of when your node went down I think that would be a good option.