My umbrel freezes after sync to 100%

my umbrel started to freeze after I updated it to 0.4.6 version, just after it syncs to 100% it freezes and I cannot access it via umbrel.local neither ssh. I tried changing SSD enclosure but the problem remains. Could you please someone help what to try next.
It worked just fine for 6 months.

I have Rpi 4, 4gb, original Pi power source, SSD 1TB

adding also my logs

How did you get the debug log?

Did you flash the microsd card with .0.4.6?

When I unplug the power source and plug in, it works for a while till it syncs to 100%, that was the time I managed to download logs.
yes, 0.4.6, I tried to reflash my SD card several times,