Apps like zeus and sphinx stopped working/connecting to node

i was having an issue where zeus stopped working, only a couple of weeks after having set it up. I noticed that sphinx was also not working.

It seems that it was an issue to do with connecting to my node. My node was online, and everything appeared to be working as normal, with balances correct and upto date and blockchain was full and being verified. Reseting the node did not solve the issue.

turned out that resetting nginx solved it.

docker ps  ( see the id of  nginx) then: 
docker restart  <container id>

figured i’d post here incase anyone else has the same issue, and to store through time incase i need to remember how to solve again down the track.


Thanks! Good one.

I think this is related more with Tor connection.
I am in contact with several noobs starting with their Umbrel node, all having same issues after update of 0.4.17.

Looking to their logs, appear that Tor it just stop working.
Yes nginx is forcing Tor to restart.

My node for example runs in hybrid mode and even like that I see sometimes that Tor peers appear offline so I have to add them manually and then come back online.

@mayank can you take a look at Tor module ? Maybe is something wrong in there. I notice many users complaining about bad connections after update to 4.17.

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yep pretty sure you’re spot on Darth…

I hope this update will fix our nodes issues with Tor

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Workaround for Zeus is to access via Tailscale.

Can’t speak to whether it works for Sphinx or not though.

Is not about your node in specific.
I am in contact with many other node operators and many have same issues.
Mainly from Tor.
There’s an update for Tor and I think Umbrel devs are already aware of that.
So be patient until is coming next update.
Or if you are good with linux command, you can try doing this:

or just use Tailscale with your apps to connect to your Umbrel node, skipping Tor.

Yes, that is a Tor issue

Thanks for the ping @DarthCoin, after taking a look into it there doesn’t appear to be an issue with this specific version of Tor. However there is an issue with the amount of hiden services we run with Tor. Umbrel runs all of the Tor hidden services for all apps in the app store at startup, regardless of if the apps are installed or not. Tor doesn’t seem to be able to handle running this many hidden services reliably.

Sometimes all the hiddens ervices come online quickly, sometimes a few of the hidden services take a while to come online, they can even take hours.

During some local testing we’ve had promisinig results running only the Tor hidden services for the apps that are installed. This seems to mitigate the Tor issues in our testing. We’re working hard to get this out in an update soon!