Connecting Zeus or Zap to Lightening Node

QR code does not scan when trying to Connect Wallet to Lightening Node
BTC Sessions even mentioned this in his tutorial and suggested to magnify however still wont work
I manually inputted the data on Zeus and it worked for a while and not just does not work at all
I even tried to scan the QR with Zap and doesnt read
Please help

I have the same problem. I choose LND (REST) and then clicked on use TOR as instructed. Then scan LNDCONNECT. Scans well but TOR toggle get unselected. Is this bad? Upon Zeus startup it says “Error starting up Tor on you phone. Try restarting Zeus. If the problem persits consider reinstalling the app”. Which I did with no more sucess to get Zeus to work. My only success was when I did not check the TOR button before scanning.

Turn out that being already on a VPN TOR from my phone was the problem. As soon as I disconnected from VPN. Zeus was able to connect to my Lightning node (with the TOR toggle on).

Am using tailscale and love it. I despise the lag on tor and only use it to surf btc related topics.

Having problems connecting Zeus to core lightening node. I’ve realised that Zeus will only connect via tor even though I’m giving it a tailscale ip address of the node. Constant messages “this address has expired” when trying to send sats to Zeus.

I have RTL running on node but not sure if it’s connected correctly to CLN. Or whether it’s complicating matters for Zeus. I’m a newbie and am thinking that RTL and Zeus are doing the same job? bar lightening wallet.

So the journey continues slowly but surely in the right direction. Haha…. I’ll never stop… tick tock next block of challenges to overcome

Topped up RTL o chain wallet and discovered that Zeus balance was also updated to match. Boom! Zeus to my btc node and lightning node via tailscale. This is fun.