App store is not up todate

I just realized that I’m missing a few apps, chatbot-ui is one of them, tried
“sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app install chatbot-ui”
I’m getting:
“chatbot-ui” not found in any local app repo

Any ideas?

Umbrel 0.5.3

Hi this just worked recently for another user: Missing all new apps

You can first try the normal fix is SSH and run command:

cd ~umbrel
sudo scripts/repo update

After waiting ~5 minutes after a reboot it should also update,

You can move on to trying the delete lock file command and let us know if that works:

sudo rm -f /home/umbrel/umbrel/repos/https---github-com-getumbrel-umbrel-apps-git/.git/index.lock

Can reference How to SSH into Umbrel here: Official Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

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Hey thanks, I tried updating and I got this:
fatal: update_ref failed for ref ‘ORIG_HEAD’: could not open ‘.git/ORIG_HEAD’ for writing: File exists

And deleting the lock file did not help.