Error: No Apps/ App Store on 1.0.4 (Umbrel Home)

Just installed a fresh Umbrel Home with 1.0.4

The app store will not open, I get an error (something went wrong). And all the apps on the start screen are not showing up (I don’t have any apps installed, and the start screen with the " self-hoster, Bitcoiner, and streamer" all have no apps showing)

Not sure if this is a problem with the device connecting to the app repository, or if I need to restart something via SSH.

I have restarted the device multiple times. And my internet is fine.


Any news?
Im stuck on the same. Just the first boot and nothing… Mi internet is working, bot can’t use the app store.

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Ich habe das selbe Problem, wie oben beschrieben. Ich habe das Update heute gemacht.
Was kann ich machen?
Grüße Uksa

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For me, the problem was related to SSL: the certificate was not yet valid.
This issue arose due to the incorrect time setting on my Pi.

Here’s how I fixed it (as suggested in 20.04 - NTP not supported - Ask Ubuntu):

ssh umbrel@umbrel.local
sudo apt update
sudo apt-get install systemd-timesyncd
timedatectl set-ntp true

Additionally, I set the local timezone (for a list of timezone identifiers, see List of tz database time zones - Wikipedia):

timedatectl set-timezone <TZ identifier>

Another potential solution, which I did not personally verify, can be found here - 20.04 - NTP not supported - Ask Ubuntu
Note: Installing chrony did not resolve the issue for me (see Bitcoin Node stuck synchronizing - #2 by usernameisJim for more details).