After 24hrs, 16% synced. Is it normal?


I am just setup my new umbrel node with RPI4 4GB and the External HDD.
I have let it sync for about 24hrs. Now it is 16% synced.

Is this normal sync speed?
I have a look at the logs seem like it stuck at something but not really sure. To me it seem like it sync slower than when it start sync at the beginning.

Here is the logs

With an HDD it is normal that it’s slow. You will just have to wait it out. Once it syncs which may take over a week or more it will work perfectly fine. Just the initial sync is slow.

An SSD would be better for initial sync speed, but don’t worry about it now.

I waited less than a week with my SSD for 100% synchronization.


I’m 2 days in on my sync @ 30%. Is this normal? Or should i restart umbrel during the sync? Concerned this could corrupt the Rasp Pi… any suggestions would be much appreciated

If you’re using a mechanical hard drive it will take a long time for the initial sync, if you’re using a solid state ssd it’ll be faster. Up to a week or more on a mechanical drive is normal.