Blockchain Sync is taking too long

Im using a ssd, but its been 2 to 3 months and its at 42% is this normal. I seen other people who have synced it faster,


plus the ui on my node is very slow

Normal is 2 to 3 days to sync 100%.
Show the troubleshoot logs here, it is in the setting page of umbrel.

i cant upload because im a new user but here u go

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I can see two problems: not enough memory to run apps - 4 GB is recommended just for BTC and LND - and now using Umbrel version 1.4.10, that is bugged.
I guess maybe better do a new clean install, i suggest using v.4.7 and after getting 100% sync, reflash SD to version 4.9. And not install more apps, because of small memory.

should I remove the sync as well

will just removing the apps work i dont wanna restart the sync

Have to do experiments, I don´t know what may happen. In my node I only have Thunderhub and Mempool apps installed.
About blockchain sync, look how many peers you have connected, to be fast download better have 10 or more peers (look it in the Bitcoin page, “connections”).
If you have open channels, dont forget to do channels backup, if you need to force recover the funds.

it wasnt the apps its the software itself thats making it slow. How can I fix that?oof

Hey Chrissy,

It’s probably not your memory, most users on Umbrel are on 4GB, so it should be fine. Slow syncs are usually hardware or network related (though usually not network related).

Back in the log sections (settings->troubleshooting->start), there should be toggle to generate dmesg logs as well, can you get those over in a pastebin?

umbrel-1640898822583-dmesg.log (137.3 KB) here u go

@jonsyu Chissy system has 2GB ram more 10GB swap ram !
About the network problems, they got worst on versions 4.8 to 4.10, I guess.

Mm, interesting - did you purchase 2GB RAM raspi pi?

yes but the swap is 4gb and the RAM is 2GB

Im having the same problem with my Umbrel running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB and 1TB SSD usb drive for storage. Its been 25 days of syncing and its not even at 46%. I see 8 connection peers and an average 30EH/s. I have a GB internet connection and i have the Pi installed directlt to the router with an eth cable. Anyway to speed this up. I see people saying it takes up to 10 days.

Its now been over 30 days of syncing and its only at 50%. Anything I can do to speed this up?

This might actually be a hardware or problem issue - are you using the official raspberry pi power supply?

yes, i am