Add SSD to an existing umbrel configuration

Hi everyone, I have a Pine Quartz64 model A with Armbian (a version of Debian dedicated to this machine) I installed umbrel and everything seems to work. Now I need to install an SSD because the SDcard memory is not enough. I connected the ssd to the USB port, but I don’t know how to change the destination on Umbrel. Can someone help me? A thousand thanks.

Can anyone help me please?

Hi @doppiab!
Sorry for the delay, You can install Umbrel directly on your SSD using :
curl -L | bash -s -- --install-path /some/path
make sure before that that Umbrel is not running from the SD card using:
sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/stop
Then you can shutdown Umbrel using the stopping script:
sudo /ssd_path/umbrel/scripts/stop
and move your files from your SD card to your SSD, then run Umbrel from your SSD again :
sudo /ssd_path/umbrel/scripts/start

When you confirm that everything worked and Umbrel is running using your SSD files, then you can erase the Umbrel files on the SD card.
Let us know if everything worked out correctly!

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Hi Marcaday, I mounted the disk and downloaded umbrel and ran the script from that location. Everything works fine. Thanks for answering me.

The only problem is that I can’t get the latest version of the software to work. The only version that runs on my system is 0.4.18. Do you know why?