A way to simply connect the old HD w/blockchain to a new Node?

Hi guys. After 2+ years of running umbrel on a Raspi4 I am upgrading to a laptop running Ubuntu. After the initial install (no bringing data over yet) everything looks great; it’s as fast as a jet on crack.

However, I just noticed this laptop’s hard drive is smaller than the blockchain is currently. The old Raspi’s external drive was a terrabyte and was even pruned, so I’d like to just attach it as a 2nd hard drive but keep the blockchain in place. That is similar to how the RasPi runs now, so it shouldn’t be a big issue, right?
But the Umbrel on Ubutnu doesn’t come like that… What I need to know is how to reconfigure Umbrel to see the external HDD attached and point the umbrel node at the blockchain over there.

Thanks in advance.

Found a tutorial here

Also some info on the GitHub

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Thanks, ParkerS. That was a little helpful but still doesn’t describe how one can keep their blockchain on an attached HD while moving to Ubuntu. I feel like there has to be a config file in Umbrel that points to the bitcoin folder that is different for RasPis than it is for linux laptops. I really need to figure out that change in order to keep using the larger drive.

I believe the last step of the tutorial tells you where that file is here is the section

Configuring Umbrel Docker
So far, we have achieved to copy the bitcoin folder from local to external HDD and mounted our HDD to Ubuntu.

Now, we need to tell the Umbrel Docker image to look for the bitcoin folder in external HDD instead of local HDD folder. For that, we need to do some changes to the docker-compose.yml file.

Go to your umbrel installed folder and look for docker-compose.yml file

2. Make a copy of the file before making any changes. Don’t skip this part. Once made a backup, open the file in any text editor and scroll for the section where the config for bitcoin is referred. We will be making changes to the highlighted section.

Please note indentation is very important in .yml file. Follow the same indentation as in the existing file. Changing the indentation will result in not able to start the docker image even though your entries are correct.

3. Change volume : Under bitcoin: look for volume and make the change as follow

before change - ${PWD}/bitcoin:/data/.bitcoin

after change - /mnt/usb/bitcoin:/data/.bitcoin

So, the earlier config says, that the bitcoin director is current directory/ bitcoin i.e local

Now, we are telling it to look for the external HDD, and we already mounted it to /mnt/usb and also copied the bitcoin files from local to the external.

4. Device name : create a new entry called devices and give your external HDD device name from your computer which we saw early how to look for it through fdisk -l

- /dev/sdb1:/dev/sdb1

By mentioning the device name here, we are telling docker to look to explicitly look at the device /dev/sdb1 which is nothing but our external HDD.

5. Giving permission :

privileged: true

This is to give privilege for the docker to read, write, execute on the external mounted folder. ** Since my blocks are in the midst of sync, I will later try to remove this privilege and see whether it still works are not and will update in the comment.

6. Save and close the file.

Run your Umbrel :
sudo ./scripts/start

if everything goes well, then your dashboard will be up and running. The blocks will be started syncing from where it left. i.e for my stopped at 35% and started sync from there rather than from 0.

so you would attach that drive to the linux machine as noted in the tutorial then go into the into the specified file and change the lines mentions to tell umbrel to look for that file

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Wow, I missed the whole link at the top somehow, this was just what I was looking for, thanks!

Uh-oh, doesn’t work tho…

The docker-compose.yml file does not have any section for bitcoin in it! Maybe it’s a new version since he made that tutorial.

I looked in both the Ubuntu’s and the RasPi’s /umbrel folder, & in both cases there was no such line in this .yml file with bitcoin:/data/ in it. Nor even was there any such whole section about bitcoin shown in this pic: https://miro.medium.com/max/720/1*T1OvXMcoTVcR28NTLF4mXQ.webp

I only see the 1 other yml file in that directory, the one for TOR, and these settings aren’t in there, either. Where could bitcoin’s settings have been moved to?

Hmm well that’s disappointing, I’ll look at mine and see if I can find it

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