use already downloaded blockchaiin for new node

Hi all,

I went from dead raspi (myNode) to Umbrel OS on Ubuntu 23. But my HDD didn’t die, so I can use my and only my (I trust nobody) downloaded blockchain to avoid syncing it from scratch for several days.

Here’s how I did it:

install bitcoin app, this will create folders and trigger syncing of blockchain, you need to stop it and shutdown Ubrel OS before copying:

sudo systemctl stop umbrel-startup


sudo chown -R 1000:1000 /media/user/myNode/mynode/bitcoin/

  • when you plug in your external HDD to Ubuntu, your path will look differently of course, so copy your whole path ( in explorer right click on folder > properties)
  • this command will change your ownership rights from old HDD, so you can copy them to Ubuntu later

Now in your explorer go to your old HDD with blockchain > select folders “blocks”, “chainstate” and “indexes”, right click > copy > go to your Ubrel bitcoin location > paste > it will ask your to overwrite some already existing files > confirm all

That’s it, start your Umbrel OS and login to your bitcoin app, syncing will continue where it stopped (when my raspi died). All will take around 1 hour (SSD to SSD, but half TB of data!):

sudo systemctl start umbrel-startup

Bonus (replace “user” with your user name)
location to find blockchain on myNode:

location to find blockchain on Umbrel:

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