Ubuntu crashed, Bitcoin sync started at 0% again


after waiting 3 days after my installation my Node synced up to 93%, then tonight ubuntu crashed…
When I woke up I had an error window (send bug report window) on the screen …
My external hard-drive was disconnected
I tried to shutdown the node, reboot the computer, connect the external usb-drive again …
After logging into umbrel again my blockchain sync showed 0%
Under /umbrel a lot of folders where missing
So after trying to fix it, I resigned, reinstalled ubuntu & umbrel

Now the question: Can I just leave the /bitcoin folder on my external hard-drive and just change the docker-compose.yml to point at my external hard-drive like I did before the reinstall, or do I have to somehow “import” the blockchain ?
What I really don’t want is, that Umbrel deletes the /blockchain folder and I have to download everything again.


I also run Umbrel in a non-Rpi machine. But what you did is wrong and is not Umbrel fault.
What I recommend to you:

  • take that machine and put INSIDE the HDD, not USB, not external drive.
  • wipe everything and install Debian 11 linux OS (much better than ubuntu for node POV)
  • set a static IP for that Debian machine and you should use 8GB RAM from start.
  • update OS with all requisites
  • install umbrel as described in the github page (not VM not on external drive), just follow the instructions
  • Done, let the umbrel to sync, it will take several days. After that, leave it more 12-24h for electrs to finish the index. REMINDER: it will take lots of RAM and machines seems to be stuck. IT IS NOT. Just leave it to finish and all will be fine.

Patience is the key.
Debian + Umbrel with 8GB RAM; is a powerful machine.

ok, my laptop has 8 GB and the Linux distribution is on an internal drive.
Just the /bitcoin folder is external.
Will think about getting bigger internal HDD and Debian
THX :+1: