Running the umbrel software WITHOUT Tor - possible?

Hey all,

I want to set up a bitcoin node with umbrel. However, since Dubai has made the usage of tor prohibited, I will not use the tor network. Therefore, I want to ask you whether it is possible to also run the bitcoin node WITHOUT the usage of tor? And if so, is it easy to switch umbrel so that it does not use tor?

Sorry if these questions might sound dumb to you. I am not experienced at all with software other than downloading e.g. an app on an iphone or on windows. However, I also want to do my part in supporting the bitcoin and lightning network.

Thanks and looking forward to your answers!

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I believe you could. There is an option in the setting menu of Umbrel that you can turn on or off bitcoin core and lightning running over the tor network. You may want to double check with someone more knowledgeable than I, but it looks like it’s possible.

Forgive the colors and missing buttons, the red ovals are really toggle switches, I assume you could just flip them and it would not run over tor anymore.

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With Umbrel this is not possible currently, but there is a switch for it, which suggests that in the near future it will be possible.

Until this is possible, you could run a regular Core node without Tor. If you use it as an economic node, it will help the network because you will enforce the protocol rules. And you may also serve blocks and transactions to other nodes.


Always wanted my node on tor, this guy has a good reason not to, I never tested the switch and just assumed it worked. Good info!

Hey binarygold, thanks for your answer and your suggestion!

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Can I run Umbrel without bitcoin core? Or connect Umbrel to an existing node witch is fully synced already? Basically, I want to run a Lightning node without the need of downloading the full bitcoin blockchain.


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Node without downloading the blockchain here

And here is explained how to use a full node as Umbrel together with mobile nodes


Cool thanks for sharing these articles.
I was more looking for a way to set up a dedicated node running LND only. This LND-node connects through TCP to the bitcoin core node (like Umbrel). So having two (or more) LND only nodes running and the al connecting to the same (shared) bitcoin core node (running bitcoind).

I’am working on a test setup but got connection issues, but can not figure out why this is happening.