1TB-2TB + MicroSD question

Hi guys, i have 2 Sandisk microSDXC UHS-I cards (both Ultra A1, Class 10, U1) , one is a 1TB and the other one is 2TB.

Question: can i install everything in one of those cards (OS + Bitcoin Node) or i`m forced to use a dumb SSD (which also i have seen in the Forum several times are causes of errors and bad failures too)?

In case i can use the micro card can you point me to a guide in order to do so.

Thanks in advance.

Is this Forum dead?

if you use a sd card you or the card will be dead before the blockchain syncs

That doesn`t make any sense.

how does that not make sense?

It makes complete sense and is why you should use an SSD.

The read/write speeds and the amount is too much for an sd card or hdd it will take forever and then some on an sd card

Those microSD are in the 160mb/s (SSD are usually in the 600mb/s) range so how much do you think a 500gb ledger will take to sync? 52 hours. After the sync you don`t really need more than 160mb/s to run properly the node.

The question is: can someone make a guide on how to use a large microsd and not an SSD?

Try it and see for yourself. Your not even going to get 52 hours to download on an SSD.
There is a ton of read/write/verify and then for your electrum server move/move/move rewrite over and over again.
it has to do that for every block. at time of this writing 781116 blocks.
Ive done it on a HDD and it takes forever, weeks.
There’s a lot more to it than downloading 500 GB.
Now, if you already have a validated blockchain downloaded yea it would work until the writes got so painfully slow it couldn’t keep up anymore.

That being said it should be as easy as plugging in your blank SD/USB drive into the usb3 port of your RPi.

Have you attempted to do that yet?

I don’t see how the RPi would care. its a drive.

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The point is that i ran 2 full LN nodes from more than 1.5 years and both had several corruption issues with the SSDs that forced me to reinstall all the shit 5 times (and ye i have top choice recommended hardware by umbrel). I was wondering how i could try to install everything on these huge fast microSD cards cause im not gonna use again SSDs anymore until umbrel dont become more stable or will run on a Win laptop one day.

I understand your frustration. Holy piss that would suck.
Give it a try it’ll probably just work.
I suppose I’m lucky I haven’t had any corruption. I do back up my important folders monthly though to be sure. Electrs for sure.
Im using a inexpensive teamgroup ssd without a buffer and UGREEN Hard Drive Enclosure

I also run bitcoin core on a windows machine it works great.

Whatever you prefer I’m sure its greatly appreciated.

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Not worried alot about funds (i have recovered all everytime using the backups and closing channels in few days), the issue is yes the annoying episodes and the fact that you have to reinstall all from scratch. I do have like you also 2 Bitcoin core nodes on 2 others laptops. The problem is also that Umbrel is the current best option for LN node so i have kinda no choice for now (i know there are others setup on Linux and others OS but they are not as easy as umbrel).

Anyway thank you for the feedbacks and the new knowledge i got regarding microSD, i have appreciated your replies.