SD Card size? 256gb worth it?

Hi Umbrel Community!

I’ve been running an Umbrel BTC Node on a Raspi 4gb for several months now and decided it’s time to upgrade. While looking around I found a nice case, a fancy cpu cooler, the recommended SSD etc.
At some point I was like, you know what?!? Let me buy a 8gb Raspi instead for some better performance, let’s go! So I ordered everything including a 256gb Samsung Evo SD card…

While flashing the SD card using Balena Etcher it notified me that the SD card is unusually large, do you want to continue… That made me think, does it make any sense to use such a large capacity SD card? Happy to hear anyones input.

Thanks in advance!


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I’ve been using 16GB microSDHC cards and have had no reason to go any larger thus far.

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Anyone using a 1 TB SD to store the whole blockchain in it? This way there is no need for an external ssd.

No no, the 256gb SD is for booting and some additional Linux storage. I’m also having a 1TB SSD attached for the blockchain

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@Carlos I thought about trying that in the beginning. Was told by many not to bother. With (any type of) blockchain, there are many reads & writes. Doing that many IOPS on a sdhc card will likely cause a quick failure.


I had issues when using a large microsd card. I had to follow these instructions to format it as FAT32 before using.

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Makes sense. Thanks for your reply!