Zeus LN (Mobile)

Available for: Android, iOS
Official website: https://zeusln.app


  1. Open the Zeus app on your phone.

  2. Go to Settings > Nodes (by clicking on the active node).

  3. Click + to add a new node.

  4. Enable Use Tor.

  5. Tap Scan lndconnect config and scan the <lndconnect REST (Tor)> QR code.

    You can also enter the <LND REST (Tor)> connection details manually.

  6. Tap Save Node Config.

  7. Tap I understand, save my node config.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Zeus to your Umbrel.

How to find the <lndconnect REST (Tor)> QR code in Umbrel’s new user interface:

In the main Umbrel home screen, click and open Lightning Wallet
In Lightning Wallet, click the three small dots in the upper-right hand corner followed by clicking “Connect Wallet”
Select the <lndconnect REST (Tor)> QR code if it isn’t already selected. Make sure the “Use Tor” button is enabled in Zeus.

Any Idea why zeus app crashes after scanning my node ID

Every single time

Doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t scan the QR Code.

Any ideas how to get rid of it?

Same, wouldnt scan QR. I then entered the details manually and initially Zeus wouldn’t connect, however after about 5 attempts it connected.

I then decided to connect Zeus to Umbrel with Tailscale using Darthcoin’s guide, basically you just replace the onion address in Host with your Tailscale IP and toggle off ‘Use Tor’. Should make for a faster and more reliable connection.

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The QR code on Umbrel UI is very dense. Mine would not scan at first either.

Try zooming in on the code (on Mac, pinch on the trackpad) to expand the QR code and then it should recognize it.

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