Zap Lightning (Mobile)



Available for: Android
Official website:

Zap iOS is no longer actively maintained.


  1. Open the Zap app on your phone.

  2. On a new setup, tap Setup wallet on the welcome screen, otherwise go to Menu > Wallets and click + to add a new node.

  3. Scan the <lndconnect gRPC (Tor)> QR code.

    You can also paste the <lndconnect gRPC (Tor)> connection string.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Zap to your Umbrel.

Hello, it doesn’t work for me, trying to scan QR code from my lightning node on Umbrel. It is not recognize by Zap App.

So i have Lightning node installed on Umbrel updated. I have Zap on my android phone trying to scan my node. No reaction. Any clue ?
Thanks a lot !

I had the same problem. Please zoom into the page to make the QR-Code bigger.

Was working like a charm for me. ;o))

For me, ZAP is the best Lightning wallet wallet you can combine with your node and make smooth payments via the lightning network. Why isn’t Zap promoted more by the Umbrel team?

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Bought myself a new Andriod mobile. Installation was smooth and ZAP works well.