Will cloning a HDD to larger one will do?

Hi all,

In order to migrate/upgrade my 1 TB HDD to a larger one in a RPi4, Is it just a matter of:

  1. Turning Umbrel off.
  2. Unplugg the HDD.
  3. Cloning it to a larger one.
  4. Plugging the larger one in.
  5. Turning Umbrel back on.

Is it? Or not?

Thanks for your comments and wisdom.

Hey, been running an Umbrel RazPi for almost three years now. In January I upgraded my HDD to an SSD. In short: YES to what you said.
I shut down my Umbrel, used a hardware cloning tool, cloned the HDD to the SSD and plugged back into my Umbrel/RazPi. It was plug and play for me. No hick ups.
Not sure what kind of nuances can occur, so maybe other can chime in. But it was straightforward for me. Plus if something doesn’t seem to work, you always have the old HDD you can plug back in and try again? Hope that helps.
p.s. the one thing I haven’t sorted out yet is that the Umbrel doesn’t recognize that the new SSD has more space. It still tells me that the space used and left is the same as the smaller HDD. I have time to sort that out so have been lazy on looking into it.

By using a hardware cloning tool, it probably copied over the partitions. Which is a small one for EFI boot, one or two which have the Linux and the actual UmbrelOS in them, and one for storage. The storage one will be cloned as the same size as it was in the previous drive.
So I think you need to get the new one and expand the partition to include the empty space.

Or maybe it’s a different issue. Try inspecting the drive with the ‘Disks’ utility to see the partition sizes.

Follow this instructions: