WIFI without password

Hello i have umbrel and WIFI free and impossible the connecting

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


Is correct ?

My wifi in the street is open no have Password, with my phone no problem is ok, but directly with the wifi free not connecting.

Please help me!

try ```
psk=“None” or just “”
instead of key_mgmt=NONE

dont know whether it will work because i would never connnect to a free WIFI anyway

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As per @mjk I would not recommend using free, public wifi either.

One core security assumption of Umbrel is that the local network you use is secure. From the github repo:

Assuming the local network is secure
Umbrel currently makes the assumption that the local network is secure. This means local network communication is unencrypted using plain text HTTP. (Remote access via Tor is encrypted)

Anybody that uses the same wifi will be able to access ‘umbrel.local’ to try guess your password or SSH into your Umbrel device.

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thanks for your reply

Hello, I can’t make this work for Umbrel 1.0. Is there another way to do it?