Local Access Best Practices

Hi everyone,

When accessing my umbrel node locally, is it safe to continue to access it via the umbrel.local? Or is it recommended to use TOR as you would if accessing it remotely? I am not that savy with SSH and would rather have access to the user interface but am unaware if there are any security issues with using the umbrel.local in a browser. Any info would be appreciated, thanks

As long as you believe your local network is secure, it is fine to just use Umbrel over HTTP. This is fine for most people as they have their own local network, which can only be accessed within the household or over Wifi with a secret password, that prevents unknown devices from connecting to it.

If you’re unsure, your TOR connection keeps remote access encrypted.

You can read a bit more on that here: umbrel/SECURITY.md at master · getumbrel/umbrel · GitHub

Ok that makes sense, thanks for the response smolgrrr. I will have a read of that link you shared as well. Much appreciated