Wifi connection issues


I’m running Umbrel in ubuntu on a i5 machine 4GB of RAM and 1TB HDD.
I am trying to sync my node trough wifi (i don’t have access to a wired connection). When the computer is connected to the wireless router, the node is validating a block every 10 minutes or so, and sometimes it just stops. I see trough the system monitor app that the internet connection is consuming around 10kb/s. The internet is working well fr the rest of the system (I can download files at around 3 Mb/s).
However, if share the mobile connection from my phone (also WIFI), it works great at around 500kb/s and a decent validation speed…

Any thoughts on how to solve this issue? (I’m not really keen on spending 450GB in a mobile data connection :sweat_smile: )

Thank you!

Today i managed to connect my computer to a wired connection, and the issue remains… I only have a good synchronization speed when sharing the connection from my phone…! Please help!!