Which node is recommended to open a channel with

I am learning how to run a Lightning node. I don’t have millions of sats to spend on opening a whole bunch of channels with diverse nodes. I just want to store my sats on my own node and spend it wherever I can. Which node is recommended to open a channel with? For example there is a Dutch node (I am Dutch) ‘Lightning.watch’ that has 400 channels but in Canada there is ‘Wallet of Satoshi’ that has 2476 channels. Now, which one is better? How do I choose the best node for my needs to open a channel with?

I suggest you find nodes with low fees and many channels. Scour 1ML.com. Geographical location makes no difference. Don’t open small channels - minimum 2000000 sats.


Just started opening channels to try and find some connectivity, so sort of an educated noob :slight_smile:

The correct way to do it would be to have direct channels to whomever you want to pay to.

Remember every channel costs money (~1500 sats), so you are actually loosing money when you start.
Then remember that channels need to be balanced, inbound and outbound, which also costs money, for functionality.

Just a heads up: I have 7 open channels, with over 1M sats there, and still was unable to receive a payment from a friend (with no direct channel), today.

That said, the fun is in finding out how this works!