Step by step to run profitable node

I’ve running node. btc synced. lightening node started. I’m able to start channels.
What is next best step? how much is least btc needed on chain?
I’m going to start first outgoing channel with 200,000 sat. can it be enough?
After first outgoing channel opened, I should have an incoming channel?
how to get incoming channel is better? by swap or should order incoming?
with 1 out and 1 in, it will start routing?
with clearnet to get incoming channel, having firewall or router and just opening needed port is it safe enough? or tor is so much important in safety?
after opening a channel, can I use sats on lightning to open another channel? or for new channels should add more btc on chain wallet?

if you don’t think about electric costs, and even internet for lightning, how can it be profitable? roadmap?

thank you for your time and help.
I’m open for discord or any chat app if needed.