List of good Lightning nodes to connect to

Alex Bosworth created this list of Lightning nodes based on his experience with routing node:

This is a solid resource if you’re looking for well-connected and reliable nodes to open channels with.


But will be nice to have a way to see their minimal size for channel opening, before choosing one.
I was trying to open with Bitrefill, because I use it a lot and I had the surprise to see that min chan size is 3.37M sats.
Not always I have enough balance in my node onchain wallet…
We need a list table with a column that contain also the minimal channel size and fees they apply.


It seems like minimal channel size would be one of the most basic, fundamental metrics people would be interested in, yet I’m stumped as to how to find this info.

… So yes, @DarthCoin, definitely agreed that this would be super useful :smile:


The standard place I go to find good nodes to connect to is
There you can either search for specific nodes, or just by browse by biggest channel count, capacity, uptime, etc. Whatever you deem important.
To the best of my knowledge all nodes are there, including yours!