3 small Channels

Sorry for spamming the forum here, but I have another question. I watched a lot youtube videos but 99% of them are english and Im german. So its hard to understand.

My question is, I have 5 active channels, 2 of them are really nice and well balanced.
But 3 of them are so far useless at the moment because they are too small, I created them at the beginning when I set up my node. So is it better to closed them and open another big one (I know I will lose some sats there)? Or would you let it just like they are?

Thanks for your help!

Don’t be so stressed out to have perfectly balanced. That is a myth.
Important is to have more well connected channels with many parts of the network, not concentrated into one side.
More important is to have a total liquidity more or less balanced, not individual channels.

Here I wrote a guide about how you could manage your node in a better way.
In Spanish and English.

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Thank you, I will study your stuff! But I think that really small channels with only local balance are useless because nobody will use them. Maybe Im wrong

No you are not wrong. I would open only channels higher than 2-2.5M sats
But yeah sometimes you have a friend starting his new node and doesn’t have enough sats, so you make that excepetion…

Yes thats exactly whats my point. And also I done some channels with really small amount. Im still not sure if I let them open or closed them and open one big channel with a good peer.

for example I have my first channel with the 1ml.com node. Its only 200k sats. So I would combine the sats of these 3 channels and open again a big channel with 1ml.com

Is it possible to close a channel. with them and open another big one?

If you just want to help those nodes to grow, wait for them until they have more fund to open a bigger channel.
Those small channels doesn’t hurt you too much, but can help them to start learning. In time they will understand.

I always said to noobs: if you do not have enough sats to put into a LN node liquidity, it is OK, you don’t need to struggle now with those tiny channels. You better use a mobile LN wallet and you are just fine. When the right time will come, you could open bigger channels.

Ok really really thank you for your answers! Im thankful! So I will think about it the next days. But I would prefer to have some more big channel then this zombie ones. But I also dont want to close because one of my friends have fear to put too much sats on lightning, and hes happy to have at least some channels open. But for me its not useful to have these channels open

You are totally right.