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I have my node synced. I have my node connected to my wasabi wallet.

under “lightning” in the left side menu is shows zero balance. What else must I do ?
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You can open up lightning channels. You would need to deposit some sats into your dashboard wallet to fund those channels.

I thought connecting my wallet to the node did that. So I must deposit directly to the node?

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Where do I locate the addresses of other umbrel nodes to connect to?

You can use 1ml.com, or inside of Thunderhub app select “scores” for a list of the most well connected nodes.

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Connecting your wallet to your node allows your wallet to verify transactions with your node instead of the wallet default node. You are increasing your privacy using a node but you cannot fund lightning channels with it. Yes, you would need to create a receiving address with the dashboard wallet and send it from your wallet to that address. Then you can fund lightning channels

Thanks again. I have tried but when I put any number it says lower amount or increase confirmation target.

Good place to start is in this section of our community

ok thank you

Have you funded your nodes Bitcoin wallet first? You need funds in the nodes wallet in order to open a channel. When you close the channel the funds are sent back to the nodes wallet.

I just did. what is a normal size to add? I have .03 BTC in my node. to open several channels what should I use?
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I used umbrel to open a channel with 500000 sats. Umbrel sent them all to send and nothing to receive

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From experience channels are best at 1 million sats or above. If your routing lots of payments then 3-5 million may be best. If you just want your node to work for your use then a few 1 million sat channels will be fine. I see you opened up a .5 million sat channel which should be fine while learning how everything works. Anything smaller than that is harmful to routing.

Any time you open a channel all funds go to your local balance. Any time someone opens a channel to you then the sats are all on the remote side. Once you have some channels on local balance and some on remote balance you can use “rebalance” in Thunderhub to balance them out.

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Thank you. Umbrel should make a tutorial on their website

I attempted to open a channel from the scores page using 1,000,000 but got this notice. I do not see where I have the option to change anything.

There is a few of them floating around. To me it’s quicker to answer your question rather than one of us wasting time trying to locate a tutorial and then find the section that might cover your question.

No matter what number I put in it tells me to lower when I lower it says too small dust

Check that the funds in your wallet have confirmed. I’ve gotten this error a few times and its usually a confirmation that hasn’t gone through. Close the opened channel window and try again when funds are confirmed. Reusing that window after a error prompt like that somehow remains buggy.

I deposited everything to umbrel at the same time. It allowed me to make the 500,000 channel

Has the 500k channel confirmed and opened? I think there is a max opening channel limit on Umbrel that might be causing your issue.