Web browser stuck on "starting umbrel..."


I used angry IP scanner and I see umbrel.local is green and connected. I also unplugged everything and replugged everything back in. The only thing I can think of is I used to use mynode, and had data on the SSD. However I saw in the umbrel guide this should have been wiped?

And advice?

I can’t seem to open the attached picture.

You can also SSH and run this command to get your logs

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/debug

There is instructions for doing that in the


. Please someone help me with this

Hi @anon56546899, couple quick questions.
Looks like a couple things have gone wrong here, can you please confirm the following- are you using a heat-sink/fan on your Pi? What SSD/HDD you are using?

The errors here suggest to me that your SSD/HDD is corrupted. Unfortunately the best resolution here will be to reformat the drive, and do a fresh install of Umbrel, but we should confirm that your set-up is ok first.

Here’s a great guide.

You should be able to reformat from any type of desktop/laptop- what are you running and I’ll link you some software you can use to reformat the SSD.