We’ve raised a $3M seed round and are now hiring

Wow, it’s crazy how fast things have moved. Feels like only yesterday when we started Umbrel, and here we are today.

I’m so thrilled to announce that we’ve raised $3M in our seed round to make Umbrel even more awesome for you all! :tada:

I highly recommend reading our blog post about this raise that goes over how @lukechilds and I met, why we started Umbrel, our journey so far, and what lies ahead: https://blog.getumbrel.com/seed-6d09aa08f8ac

We’ll be using the funds raised to build out our team and accelerate Umbrel’s development. We’re hiring across all roles — design, development, marketing, business, operations, community, and support.

You can be among the first ten people to join Umbrel’s core team, and your work will have a direct impact on shaping Umbrel’s future.

What we care about: talent with a genuine love for your craft and the desire to do meaningful work. What we don’t care about: credentials and degrees. If that sounds like you, and our mission resonates with you, email us at jobs@getumbrel.com

Today is a big day. And we owe it to you, the community. Thanks for supporting us with code contributions, bug reports, fixes, documentation, and more than we can ever return. :pray::heart:


Congratulations from Canada here! In the short time I have been exposed to Umbrel, I have become a big believer and supporter. Enough so, that I am putting my own money on the line (in the form of sats, of course).

what’s umbrel’s business model?

Awesome! Shot an email to jobs@getumbrel.com, hopefully there’s a role I can be of use in :slight_smile: