Fill out this 1-minute survey to help us make Umbrel better for you

It’s really simple, folks. We listen to what you say → we get back to coding → Umbrel gets better for you. :tada:

So if you’re using Umbrel, please fill out this 1-minute fully anonymous survey to help us make Umbrel work better for you and everyone.

(promise we read every single one of the responses)

Update: the survey has now been closed. Thanks everyone for the responses! :pray:


Me finally opening my first Lightning Network Channels after a week of extensive well-worth research. Thanks Umbrel for opening this door of enlightenment to me and introducing me to this vast world of groundbreaking technology.


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Love it. Welcome to the community, @WJF3!

Had a suggestion I wanted to add - not sure if this breaks people’s confidentiality, but I’d love to be able to name channels for my own use. When I connect to node ABCDEFG12345, I usually know why I am connecting and would love to be able to name the channel.

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