Wallets can not connect to Bitcoin core and Electrum - New installation

I have a new installation running. Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB memory with 2.6GB free. 1TB SSD installed.

My blockchain was fully synced in a few days. Then installed Electrum server. The electrum server is really slow and keeps displaying the message “Waiting for Bitcoin Node to finish syncing…”. The server is already fully synced for a fews days. After 10 to 15 minutes it finally says Electrum is 100% synced.

However, I can not connect to Electrum or Bitcoin core with Sparrow through local network and not through TOR. The server just will not respond. The interface of the server is running fine.
Already rebooted the device, but that did not help either. I do not run any other application other then Bitcoin core and Electrum.

Anyone have any tips?

I suggest on updating the title to:
Sparrow can not connect to Bitcoin core and Electrum - New installation

Sparrow/Umbrel connection, Use SSL off - #2 by DarthCoin

Did also you check and follow the steps on this guide?

It is not only Sparrow. No wallet is able to connect.

I checked the guide, but no luck. I have the correct settings. I used to run Umbrel before. So I know it worked before. But a new install doesn’t.

Ok, it seems fixed now. I removed Electrum, restarted the node, and re-installed Electrum. Now wallets will connect again.