Wallet not connecting part 2

I believe that I have followed the Umbrel instructions completely, but cannot link two different Androids to my RPI4. One Android stalls after its control port event handler, the other Android logs a long list of connections to “[scrubbed]” that it has tried.

I’d try my desktop Electrum, but am not sharp enough to get the Tor server running on Manjaro. I’d be happy to just connect Electrum locally without Tor server, but don’t see any instructions for doing so.

The instructions to connect a wallet to your node are very clear and simple.
Follow them in Umbrel dashboard - connect wallet.
Running Tor service is MUST, and also you have very clear and simple instructions how to do it.

One Android will connect very infrequently. The other never, with a long list of unsuccessful connections.
In Umbrel’s defense, this appears to be a Tor problem. But unfortunately the application fails and I’ll have to try some other solution.