Waiting Close Channel - ChansStatusDataLoss

I have read the various advice regarding the issue about “waiting close channel” to which the forced closure has not been applied. I tried the command:
lncli closechannel – force “channel_points” 1
but it doesn’t work.
In fact, is shown the following message
rpc error appears: code = Unknown desc = cannot close channel with state: ChanStatusLocalDataLoss

What should I do to fix the problem?
Thanks anyone for the help

Try doublechecking the syntax of your command, it should be lncli closechannel --force (txid) (idx)

So, for example lncli closechannel --force 9fd6b759ed2c8acae29dee3c2c687b89f636a9c06857767f936f9bacb89d30c7 1

Thank you for advice, but I wrote fastly and I did a wrong. The line command is correct

There’s a couple issues over at Github here and here that looks similar. As far as I understand it that issue was caused by the channel state being out of sync.

The issue seems to be the same, but I didn’t do any reset, the power went out for a while and the server restarted automatically. I didn’t work on channel.db

My last suggestion is to check, if your node is synced to chain and lnd is fully synced as well when you attempt the force close.
If you download LNDg from the Umbrel appstore, that information is at the top of the My Lnd Overview, and should say: Lnd sync: True | chain sync: True.
If you look at the Github issue #6148 that is also caused by a power interruption.The solution to that one was to ask the peer to force close the channel, so that could maybe also be an option.

Thank you for the advice, the node is synchronized. I also thought of contacting the node directly, in this case it’s Kraken. How can I contact him? if i send an email to kraken support i have my doubts that they solve the problem that is not related to the Kraken platform. I hope that an implementation should be found that allows the solution of this if we can define “bug”, that is, by setting an expiration date by default
I would appreciate if anyone could point me in the way to contact Kraken for lightning issues, Thanks