Using Knots instead of Bitcoin Core

Lately there has been more demand for Knots, which is a fork of Bitcoin Core with extra bug fixes and most importantly, up-to-date mempool policies that can address ordinal transactions. What’s nice about Knots is that it can be used as a drop-in replacement, meaning all services dependent on Bitcoin Core are working exactly as before. I vetted it on my own installation (knots + mempool + electrs + jam + lightning).

Here is a guide on how to do this:

This is done by installing Knots through a community marketplace, maintained by a volunteer and contributor of the anti-spam movement.

Before you do this
Backup everything!! Most importantly all your seed phrases! This is a third party solution and there is always a chance of something going wrong and you don’t want to be caught with your pants down in case SHTF.

Installing apps that depend on Bitcoin Core
After you have installed Knots, any app that depends on Bitcoin Core cannot be installed through the UI, because it doesn’t recognize Knots as such. Instead you’ll need to SSH into your machine and run:

sudo ./umbrel/scripts/app install lightning

if you want to install lightning, for example. This installation will go though without complaints.

Final thoughts
It would greatly help if the option to use Knots can get first party support by Umbrel, so that plebs don’t have to resort to hitting the command line to run the client they prefer.

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yes excited to get this added, and we also have a fix for the dependencies issue in the works too

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