BTCPayServer & Shopify

Hello, I am trying to connect shopify to my BTCPayServer in Umbrel but I’m running into some issues.

I followed the BTCPayServer guide and it seems to connect just fine except when I go to checkout with the BTCPay option the order gets confirmed without showing me a QR code to pay the invoice.

Has anyone been able to connect their btcpayserver node to shopify or another eCommerce platform?

I figured I was going to have to point shopify to the IP address of my umbrel node(with port forwarding) but I don’t know what port should be used.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

BTCPay server from Umbrel works ONLY behind TOR.
So you have 2 options:

But remember: do this only IF YOU KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

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Can you please elaborate on the first option? Thanks!

There’s a Shopify plugin for BTCpay server, use that to connect to your node, using the onion address.
But remember, you usual visitors, will use yhour clearnet address and the payment will be redirected to an onion address and if they do not use Tor browser, it will get an error.

There is a third option for more advanced users @DarthCoin. Setup a reverse proxy (IP2Tor) on a VPS. Here is a good guide:

All clearnet traffic to the VPS (and port) will be proxied via Tor to your BTCPay instance.


Thanks. Someday when I have time, I would need to test this.

Using a Tor link is a quick way to get a BTCpay server button.

First, connect using Tor :

You can find it in the settings :

Then, you go to BTCpay server :

So, you are connect on BTCpay server by Tor :

And finally you have a Tor adress for the BTCpay button :