BTCPayserver, Umbrel over TOR, Customers pay with APP


conditions are:

I have a Lightning Node on my Linux Computer at home, which connects through TOR

I want to accomplish the following:

Install BTCPayserver, so that people can pay goods with Satoshis (honesty Box)
If they pay, nobody is around, so what I wanted to do is leave a QR-Code they can scan with their preffered Bitcoin APP (Zap, Bluewallet)

Question1: Is this possible with BTCPayserver ?

Question2: Must the BTCPayserver be in the public net or can it be installed on my Umbrel-Node which connects through TOR

THANKS a Lot, any thoughts and help is much appreciated

Greetings from Bavaria

Follow the guide to expose your BTCpay server in clearnet. See it in the Guides section of this forum:

Firstly, thanks for your reply, but I think after hours of research I think that LNURLpay fits better my needs. It allows me to generate a reusable QR-Code. Still lots of questions though. Have to dig deeper.

yes, a lnurl-p is easier to use for a small shop.
even LNTXBOT offers lnurl-p and
Then withdraw to your own wallet.
In Umbrel you can use also LNbits app to generate more lnurl-p QR codes.