Upgraded to 1.0 and cannot edit config.txt

I upgraded to 1.0.4 and can no longer edit my config file to turn off all the LEDs as it was able to before. I get an error that config.txt is a read only system file, even when I try to edit it with sudo.

What’s the workaround here? I can’t sleep with the flashing lights on my pi 4 in my room.

I had the same problem, had to need to edit the /boot/config.txt file because I needed to open the PWM device tree for the raspberry pi 4 for Geekworm X735 product. Hopefully there will be an official response to this issue.

I have a similar issue in needing to set gpio-fan parameters for controlling the official rpi 4 case fan when temperature breaches a threshold, previously set using raspi-config which updates config.txt, but that doesn’t work with umbrel OS (errors writing to read-only system file). Hope for an official response soon.

What I’m doing now is using RPi.GPIO to write a script in python to run the PWM fan, but I’m still hoping for an official response to this: e.g. to use the command rw to enter writable mode, as PiKVM does.