Updating to 1.0 got stuck at downloading

I just got my Umbrel home. After plugin, I found that it’s on version 0.5 instead of 1.0. So I started updating to 1.0. The progress didn’t move after a few moments. Without noticing the prompts on the screen not to refresh or turn off Umbrel, I accidentally refreshed the page. Now the updating progress got stuck at downloading.

My issue was fixed by following the steps here: Umbrel home - sitting @ 20% done for 1.0 upgrade - #11 by smolgrrr. One thing to add is that the password for ‘umbrel’ is ‘umbrel’.

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Great to hear! If you need any assistance with anything else, please let me know.

To resolve the issue, I SSH’d into the node using the default ‘umbrel’ username and password. After a reboot, I found myself unable to log back in with the default credentials, facing an ‘invalid password’ error, despite not changing the password myself.

This situation raises a few questions regarding the default ‘umbrel’ account:

  1. Security Best Practices: Is it recommended to change the default password or delete this account entirely for enhanced security?
  2. SSH Access Concerns: Given the default credentials, is there a significant risk of unauthorized SSH access to my Umbrel node? What steps can I take to mitigate this risk and ensure only authorized access to the node?