Unable to connect to peer

already 2 days i cant open channel with new peer, looks like TCP error:

Unable to connect to peer, dial proxy failed: socks connect tcp xx.xx.xx.xx:9050->xxxx.onion:9735: unknown error host unreachable

Yes, could be two causes:
– your peer is offline or his node is stuck, have a shity tor connection

  • your node is offline or is stuck with a shity tor connection

Try first to add it as peer.
Go to Thunderhub or RTL - Peers and add that peer. If responds, is all OK. If not, see above, fix the connection.

thank you

Hi i have the same problem.how should i fix this problem?

I am in a country with censored internet

I started having the same problem. Nothing with my setup has changed, but suddenly I cannot connect to new clearnet peers. I can connect to Tor peers just fine, but clearnet is giving me an error:

Unable to connect to peer, dial proxy failed: socks connect tcp x.x.x.x:9050->x.x.x.x:9735: unknown error general SOCKS server failure

Any idea how to debug this? What could be a potential fix?

My node is not a clearnet node (it is Tor-only, as Umbrel recommends), but it used to be able to connect over clearnet to other nodes just fine, until recently.

My router has a public IP. I tried allowing port forwarding for ports 9735 and 9050 to Umbrel on local network but that didn’t help. I definitely do not want to do DMZ.

Any ideas?

same problem here. lncli getinfo show my node “synced_to_chain”: true,
“synced_to_graph”: true.

payments ok, routing too, only add peer with problem, in RTL or LNDg.

In the end, I have found out this was caused by my service provider blocking some traffic. I have fixed this by purchasing an iVPN (which you can buy with LN and allows you to generate a wireguard config file). The steps to resolve:

  1. Install wireguard cli and tools into Umbrel (not dockered, just directly).
  2. Import the wireguard config as generated by iVPN.
  3. Launch the VPN using wg-quick. You can also set it up to launch automatically after reboot.

No more connection problems!

hi, thanks. i have a vpn (PIA), that solution works too?

PS: my english is much much bad, sorry.

If you can install PIA on your Umbrel through command line, then yes, it will work. You just need to install the VPN on your Umbrel directly.

thanks a lot!